Electrostatic new compact design powder coating system

Electrostatic new compact design powder coating system
Electrostatic new compact design powder coating systemElectrostatic new compact design powder coating system
CategoriesPowder Coating Gun
BrandCOLO powder coating equipment
TypeManual powder coating equipment
ApplicationPowder Coating
Warranty1 YEAR
Unit PriceUS $ 890 / piece
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T, Western Union
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Update Time2022-01-27
Detail Information

Electrostatic new compact design powder coating system Control unit

It has pulse and one-touch intelligent function, and is good for flat parts, complex parts, recoat parts and conner.

Flat model:  maximizes voltage for superior transfer efficiency with coating flats parts.

Complex model: adjust the voltage while holding current when coating complicated shapes and corners.

Recoat model: adjust the voltage and current automatically for recoating of parts.

Pulse model: rapidly recharges the powder to coat complex shapes.


Connection of Electrostatic new compact design powder coating system   

Spare parts of the powder coating application equipment

The powder coating equipment is built exclusively for electrostatic coating with organic powders.

The electrostatic powder manual coating equipment with the COLO-07 manual powder gun is ideally

suited for manual coating of objects in small series.

Powder injector G42 type


Spare parts code

1007 220gun body
1007 231cascade,negative plarity 
1007 216Print holder - complete
1007 217End plate with hook
1007 961Grip end plate - complete
1007 213Trigger - complete
1007 212Trigger cover
1000 845Countersunk-head screw - M4x6 mm
1007 963gun cable 2m-complete
1007 964gun cable 6m-complete
1007 965gun cable 12m-complete
1000 804Rinsing air connection
1007 958Powder tube - complete
1001 488Compression spring
1007 960Clip ring
 1000 822o-ring
1001 340 #Hose connection Ø 11-12 mm - complete
345 822Ø 50 mm
CL1007 683#Electrode holder 
CL1007 934#Flat jet nozzle NF20
CL1007 931#Flat jet nozzle NF20 - complete
CL1007 935#Flat jet nozzle NF21
CL1007 932#Flat jet nozzle NF21 - complete
CL1008 147#Flat jet nozzle NF24
CL1008 142#Flat jet nozzle NF24 - complete
CL1008 151rounded spray nozzle
CL1008 152Electrode holder
CL1008 150 GM03 rounded spray nozzles
CL1007 735NF25
CL1007 742NF26
CL1008 257NS09
CL1007 684
CL1008 258 
Powder injector
CL1007 780Powder injector (type IG06)
CL1006 530Injector body 
CL1006 484Injector body(without o-ring)
CL1005 589only sell in one full set,A.B.C.D
CL1005 590
CL261 654                           CL103 500
CL1008 038                 CL261637
1003 698Filter element - Ø 9/4x27 mm
CL1006 485-coloTeflon
CL1006 485-ATeflon, complete
CL1006 485-B
CL1006 531Hose connection
CL205 141o-ring
CL1006 483Threaded sleeve
CL1006 488nozzle
CL1007 792nozzle fixation
CL1007 794o-ring 16x2
1007 971,GM03 manual powder gun ,negative polarity ,gun cable 2m
1007 972negative polarity, gun cable 6 m
1007 973negative polarity, gun cable 12 m

Technical data of the powder coating application equipment

Power Source




Power Consumption


Voltage Output


Max. Current Output




Max. Injection Capacity


Air Consumption

MAX. 13Nm3/h

Temperature Rage in use


Special features

1.Colo Newly integrated technology can lead to powder savings due to excellent transfer efficiency, easily penetrating corners

2.Colo Anti-static powder hose is developed with colo technology
and it can prevent risk of fire by removing spark or electrical arc.

3.Prevents safety accidents caused by electrostatic shocks to the worker.

4.The new technology of one touch button installed in the gun enables you to clean inside of the gun and powder hose easily and quickly.


Propery ground all equipment in the spray area to an earth ground and maintain this ground

Remove all containers of volatiles from the spray area

Establish and maintain a grounded area for the spray operator

The gun of xseries must be connect to xcontrol unit


The operator should hold the gun in his bare hand

If gloves are worm ,the palm should be out to assure skin to metal contact

The operator should wear shoes with conductive shoes e.g leather

     Rubber shoes are not conductive .

Ground the tip of the gun before cleaning or changing nozzles.

When the gun is not in use , it should be hung so that the nozzle is within four inches of a grounded conductor

The operator should wear a filter-type respiator anytime he is exposed to dusty conditions

High pressure powder many cause injury ,Keep the rear switch  off position in no –use condiction


Make a periodic confirmation of grounding to earh of all equipment in the spray area .

Exercise good housekeeping practices , do not allow dirt or powder to accumulate on the feeder /powder unit , cable or gun.

Keep the cabinet door

Customers visting

Colo has exported to more than 90 countries, such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Canada, the United States,

Brazil, Russia, Poland, France, Germany, Italy,Egypt, Vietnam, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and other countries.

We have built good long-term relationship with our customers. They come to visit our factory from time to time.


Company Information

Colo is the leading powder coating equipment manufacturer in China, which provides high quality equipments

to more than 90 countries all oven the world with advanced manufacturing machines and professional

technicians. Colo offers a wide range of power coating equipments, namely powder coating machine, power

coating gun, spray booth, curing oven, automatic powder coating applicator, powder coating line and

replacement of spare parts for the famous brand in the world.

Welcome guests from all countries in the world to visit our factory.


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