Manual electrostatic Box feed unit Powder coating machine for all kinds of shapes

Manual electrostatic Box feed unit Powder coating machine for all kinds of shapes
Manual electrostatic Box feed unit Powder coating machine for all kinds of shapesManual electrostatic Box feed unit Powder coating machine for all kinds of shapes
CategoriesPowder Coating Gun
BrandCOLO powder coating equipment
TypeManual powder coating machine
CoatingPowder Coating
Warranty1 YEAR
Unit PriceUS $ 1600 / piece
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T, Western Union
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Update Time2022-01-27
Detail Information
Vibrational box feed double system manual Powder spraying machine
  1. Processing the powder directly from the original powder manufacturer's container
  2. Total emptying of the powder container due to inclined vibrating base
  3. Quick and simple color change
  4. Supplied ready for use 




  1. Box feed unit


       2. Copy model

     3. Carton size :118x79x73cm  G.W:80kgs







1 control unit
2 manual powder gun
3 injector
4 Frame with hand rail
5 Fluidizing/suction unit
6 Vibrating base
7 Swivel wheel
8 Swivel arm with guide sleeve
9 Filter unit
10 Hose holder
11 Gun holder
12 Rubber wheel


The control unit - Optistar 




Powder coating gun-CL 1002100
opti gun


Spare parts omanual powder gun






Technical data

Electrical data

1.      Power range                                  220V/110V

2.      Frequency                                     50HZ /60HZ

3.      Temperature range in use                      -10 +50 


Powder Gun

1.      Gun weight:    ………………                    500G

2.      Rated output voltage ………                      24VDC

3.      Input voltage     ……………                       - 200kv

4.      Maximum output current  ………                   180Ua(max)

5.      Maximum output voltage…………                   0-100KV (  adjustable)  

6.      Maximum powder injection :………                    600g/min

7.      Polarity ………………                                negative (-) 


Pneumatic data

1.      Maximum input-air pressure …………..                 10kg/cm

2.      Optimum input-air pressure……..                        6kg/cm

3.      Minimum input-air pressure   ……                      4kg/cm

4.      Maximum water vapor content or compressed air …..      1.4g/N m3

5.      Maximum oil vapor content of compressed air   ……..     0.1ppm

6.      Maximum compressed-air consumption………            13.2 m3/h






Propery ground all equipment in the spray area to an earth ground and maintain this ground


Remove all containers of volatiles from the spray area


Establish and maintain a grounded area for the spray operator


The gun of xseries must be connect to control unit






The operator should hold the gun in his bare hand


If gloves are worm ,the palm should be out to assure skin to metal contact


The operator should wear shoes with conductive shoes e.g leather


     Rubber shoes are not conductive .


Ground the tip of the gun before cleaning or changing nozzles.


When the gun is not in use , it should be hung so that the nozzle is within four inches of a grounded conductor


The operator should wear a filter-type respiator anytime he is exposed to dusty conditions


High pressure powder many cause injury ,Keep the rear switch  off position in no –use condiction






Make a periodic confirmation of grounding to earh of all equipment in the spray area .


Exercise good housekeeping practices , do not allow dirt or powder to accumulate on the feeder /powder unit , cable or gun.


Keep the cabinet door 





Production shows

Advanced production equipment and precise technology level guarantee the first class quality.




Our Services

Colo is the best brand in China with Professional team, which can provide Excellent service. 


     1. All requirements for powder coating can be meeted, namely designing, manufacturing, assembling,  commissoning and training. 


      2. All equipments for powder coating can be provided, like powder coating machines, powder coating guns and related spare parts,spray booths, curing ovens, reciprocators, powder coating lines. 


      3.  Technical support for all kinds of powder coating line,manual or semi-auto or full auto lines. 


Company Information

Colo is the leading powder coating equipment manufacturer in China, which provides high quality equipments

to more than 90 countries all oven the world with advanced manufacturing machines and professional

technicians. Colo offers a wide range of power coating equipments, namely powder coating machine, power

coating gun, spray booth, curing oven, automatic powder coating applicator, powder coating line and

replacement of spare parts for the famous brand in the world. 



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