Black epoxy polyester powder coating manufacturers non-toxic powder paint

Black epoxy polyester powder coating manufacturers non-toxic powder paint
Black epoxy polyester powder coating manufacturers non-toxic powder paintBlack epoxy polyester powder coating manufacturers non-toxic powder paint
CategoriesPowder Coatings
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BrandCOLO powder coating equipment
Other Namesno
Main Raw MaterialEpoxy
UsageAppliance Paint, Boat Paint, Building Coating, Car Paint, Electrical Insulating Varnish
Application MethodSpray
StatePowder Coating
powder coatingpowder paint
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Black epoxy polyester powder coating manufacturers non-toxic powder paint

We are a professional supplier of powder coating and we worked in this field for many years

we provide many kind of powder paint, like a hammer, orange lines, grinding, highlights and inferior smooth, crack, flash of gold, silver and other effects, have appeared in recent years, high temperature resistant powder coating powderpowder painting at low temperature, high weather resistance, water resistance, acid powder powder powder, low temperature curing, UV curing powder powder and so on


Other name for this powder coating


Pure epoxy powder coating
Thermosetting powder coating

Electrostatic powder coating

Anti-environment powder coatintg

Non-toxic powder coating

Our powder coating is good quality we have UL,SGS ,ISO9001:2008

We supply powder coating to some big factory in China and other country.




1.Good adhesive force and excellent flexibility and other each mechanical  performance
2.Good chemicals resistance and corrosion prevention 

3.Be more excellent than heat-resistance and light resistant stability of pure epoxy powder

4.Can be made into product with each brilliance and color; specific color and brilliance should be designated by users

5. Can be made into each kind of texture product such as ripple, hammer texture, metal effect, cotton like grain and crack etc.






Chemical type           ; Epoxy/Polyester

Curing Condition      ; 10-15 min/180oC-192oC

Adhesion                    ; 100%(ASTM D2794-93)

Hardness                    ;  Minimum 1H-2H(ASTM D2134/93)

Erichsen Cupping    ;  Minimum 8 mm(DIN 53156)

Impact                         ; Direct ,minimum 50kg /cm2

                                   ; Reverse , minimum 40kg/ cm2


Flexibility                  ; Without Breaking

Salt Spray                   ; 500 hours (Zinc Phosfate),Pass no corrosion creep more than 2mm


New and recycled   ; 75% new -25% recycled, without texture loss nor mechanical

coating mixture          Properties  

Chemical Resistance  ;   Good for most acids,alkalines,alcohols and oils at room                                                   


Use                           ; It is  indicated for decorative and Protective end uses. It has excellent

                                   appearance with improved heat stability and improved  resistant

                                   to Ultra violet light. these powder coatings are not recommended for

                                   Long term exposure to ultra violet light nor aggressive environments.


                                  All the Powders are Used for metal Furniture and This is a Raw Meteril.



Power manufacturing Process:

1.      Mix raw material and auxiliary material for 3-4 min.

2.      Melt extrusion in the machine at the temperature of 110-120 degrees centigrade.

3.      Cooling to room temperature.

4.      Grind the material to be particle.

5.      Grind the particle to be powder.

6.      Mix the powder with additives.(For special plastic powder)

7.      Pack the powder to get the finished product.


Usage:  Used us environmental coating instead of oil paint.


Other Quotation is what are the other Additives 2%: Additives includes increased electric agent, defoamer, micro powder wax additives.


Powder Constituent




Gloss level:

  • High gloss (above 85%),
  • Flat gloss (50%-85%), 
  • Semi gloss (10%-50%) 
  • Matt (below 10 %)

Package Specification 




Health & Safety:


1.No hazardous ingredient.


2.No hazardous gas.


3.The inhalation of dusts should be avoided. An operator should wear an anti-dust mask and try best to avoid long time contact with the powder coatings.


4.The coatings stacked on the skin could be washed with soap.


5.Requirement of environment protection: the product doesn’t include arsenic, selenium, lead, hexavalent chromium, mercury,

stibium, cadmium and other heavy non-ferrous metals and is in fully conformity with requirement of RoHS environment protection.

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