Powder sifting machine for powder coating recycle

Powder sifting machine for powder coating recycle
Powder sifting machine for powder coating recyclePowder sifting machine for powder coating recycle
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Powder sifting machine for powder coating recycle


It adopts quick disassembling handle at the upper part of this machine. The handle connects the machine as the all and the one its upper cover is seal fully. Therefore it prevents from the dust flying caused by vibration during the period of sieving. The vibration motor is installed under the sieve. Meanwhile it adapts spring to reduce vibration. So the machine will operate at stable state. The stand is adjustable, so the inclined angel of sieve that is sieving can be adjusted. The best sieving effect can be get.


Colo-3000 is a new generation sieving equipment researched, developed and manufactured by our factory. Because of its unique characteristics, high efficiency, energy saving, low noise and so on, it is welcomed deeply. It is wide suitable for sieving raw material continuously of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry and so on.

Powder sifting machine for powder coating recycle with the capacity of 80kgs-100kgs used in the automatic powder coating lines, which includes:

1.Auto Powder Spray Gun Lifter and Reciprocator


Move to a new level of powder coating efficiency with the Reciprocator.


Summary of Benefits:

  1.    The benefits of COLO-2000D 
  • 80 storable programs
  • Frequency:Japanese Mitsubishi


         2. The benefits of COLO-2000D


  • 8 storable programs

  • With password lock function


  • Different speed in different stroke to meet 


  • Complex workpieces coating


  • Frequency: Hongkong-TTK


Technical Characteristics


  • Power supply: AC 220V/110V 50Hz-60Hz


  • Power motor: 0.75KW


  • Sweep speed: 0-50m/min


  • Acceleration: 1m/Second


  • Speed adjustable by inverter


  • Low limit setting by potentiometer


  • Environmental: 0-50 degree


  • Star signal model: digital display


  • Max load capacity: 25kgs


  • Motion range: 0.3-2.5m can be setting


  • Point delay time: 0-5 sec (optional)


  • Maintenance: free motor


  • Extremely smooth running through chain


  • High loading capacity and stability


  • Long-stroke and short-stroke operation


  • Stroke: 1.5m/1.8m/2m/2.5m

2.And the Central automatic spraying control cabinet  also could avaiable for 4 ~ 10 sets electrostatic powder coating spray equipments.


Description: For 8 controllers(can be ordered ,but price will change)


3.The automatic spray gun could be several models


control unit.png


control 2.png




Electrical data 
Mains input voltage100-240 VAC
Operating frequency50-60 Hz
Input power50W
Nominal output voltage (to the gun)max. 12 V
Nominal output current (to the gun)max. 1 A
Ambient temperature range0°C - +40°C (+32°F - +104°F)
Max. operating temperature85°C (+185°F)
Pneumatical data 
Compressed air connection1/4" male quick release
Max. input pressure10 bar / 145 psi
Min. input pressure (while unit in operation)6 bar / 87 psi
Max. water vapor content of the compressedair 1.3 g/m³
Max. oil vapor content of the compressed air0.1 mg/m³



4.Automatic powder cycling and recovery system could avaiable,you could order .



Powder sieving machine- Used in powder coating area, to go with the Automatic reciprocator.

To recycling the powder lost in the process of electrostatic powder coating on metallic workpieces



Model COLO-3000


Size : 112X 91X75CM












Model COLO-3000-R


Size : 112X 91X75CM





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