temperature tracker for painting and coatings

temperature tracker for painting and coatings
Categoriespowder coating testing meter
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BrandCOLO powder coating equipment
After-sales Service ProvidedOverseas service center available
ProductTemperature Tracker
Use forpowder curing oven
TypeCuring Oven Temperature Tracker
Number of Channels4 Channels
SensorK Thermocouple
Cooler box size145 x 125x 325mm
RAMEach channel can record and store 16,000 data
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Update Time2019-06-25
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temperature tracker for painting and coatings


STM-4 temperature tracker for painting and coatings
Measuring more points, good software ,completely remove the troubles


The SMT-4 system is the most reliable, high quality and less price temperature profiling system in the world.  For those who apply coatings, sell coatings, or need to know what is happening to their product inside a conveyorized or large batch oven, SMT-4 will be the best choice.

  temperature tracker for painting and coatings


STM-4 Let you easy to measure, record and analyze artifacts in the curing oven and air temperature curve, ensure the coating to get fine quality, save time and save energy. The logger for measuring the temperature of the powder coatings and paints in the curing oven or the oven conveyor belt.

 temperature tracker for painting and coatings


Basic Specifications:


l  Number of Channels: 4


l  Thermocouple Type: K


l  Accuracy: 0.5%


l  Sampling Rate: 1s to 60s (programmable)


l  Readings: 16000 for each Channel


l  Thermal Barriers Dimensions: 125*110*300


l  Duration: 45min@300C, or 60min @250C


l  Communication with Computer: USB communication Protocol


l  Start/stop Method: Press REC button to start/stop recorder data




Analysis Software:


l  Peak Temperature shows the maximum temperatures at the precise time they were reached.


l  Time at Temperature shows the time spent above predetermined temperature thresholds.


l  View Data shows the raw temperature and time data for each thermocouple throughout the run.


l  Rates of Heating and Cooling: This analysis mode calculates the rates of heating and cooling for each probe over user-defined temperature ranges, and the time the temperature is within each range.




Standard Disposition:


l  SMT -4 Temperature Profile


l  4set of K type Thermocouple


l  USB Communication Cable


l  Setting Software and Analysis Software


l  Thermal Barrier


l  Operating  Manual

temperature tracker for painting and coatings

Number of Channels

4 Channels


K Thermocouple



Usage time

can be used at temperatures up to 250 °C One hour, or may use two hours at 150 degrees


Each channel can record and store 16,000 data

Sampling rate

1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 1min Etc.,Can be selected by the user

Computer Requirements

windows 98, 2000, XP Etc.,You can print out the temperature curve by computer

Set Software

a)         sampling period optional

b)        Real-time temperature curve display

c)         can save multiple sets of data

Analysis Software

a)   Each curve optional display or not display

b)   Heating rate can be calculated at any temperature between the two

c)   can be calculated the temperature is higher than a four times

d)   Peak temperature can be calculated

e)   can test 2-5 compare data

Cooler box size

145 x 125x 325mm

Standard configuration

l  four-channel temperature tracker SMT Temperature Profile

l  4 pcs 1.75-meters Temperature sensor; may be customized according to requirements.

l  computer connection cable

l  Setup software, data analysis software

l  Cooler box

l  Operation Manual


 temperature tracker for painting and coatingstemperature tracker for painting and coatings


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