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Repair gun with powder coating method

Issue Time:2011-11-23

  A powder coat is a painting process that involves charging dried paint particles and baking them onto a surface, usually metal. The baking temperatures needed to get the powder to fuse properly can be up to 500 degrees. Many firearms have powder coats factory installed but you can do it yourself with the proper equipment and preparation. Consult your gun manufacturer to make sure the powder coating gun barrel and trigger mechanism can withstand these temperatures before powder coating your firearm.

  Disassemble the gun per the manufacturer's directions. Sand the parts to be powder coated, such as the barrel and the trigger mechanism, to remove the old finish and leave a smooth surface. Start with medium grit sandpaper and finish with the finest grit, removing any scratches. Wipe down these parts with a clean cloth and the distilled water. Allow them to dry completely before proceeding.Plug the ends of the barrel with ear protectors or a rag. Mask off the trigger mechanism that cannot have this coating applied. Hang these parts from a grounded metal rack with wire hangers. Position them so as to be accessible to properly coat the entire surface.Place the powder coating into the powder coating gun. Attach the powder coating gun to the air compressor.

   Turn on the air compressor and fully charge the tank. Plug in the powder coating gun to provide the charge the powder coating gun needs before it is applied to the gun parts. Spray on the powder coating in a smooth, steady manner. Coat all surfaces evenly. Remove the masking tape and plugs before proceeding.Remove the parts from the rack and place the parts into the oven, attaching the wire hangers to an oven rack so that the parts are suspended in the air and do not contact any surface. Take care not to disturb the powder coating as you transfer these parts. Bake the powder coating at the temperature and for the time recommended by the powder coat's instructions. Allow the powder coating to fully cure before reassembling the gun.

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