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What Are Powder Coating Ovens?

Issue Time:2011-04-09

Powder coating ovens are devices used in the dry-coating process. After an item is dry coated, it is placed in one of these ovens, where the coating will cure. This causes a chemial l reaction that makes the coating bond with the surface of the work piece. After the coating is fully cured, it is nearly part of the original item. There are two main types of powder coating ovens, convection ovens and nfrared ovens.

Convection ovens work much like a common household oven. Heating elements, or heat vents, create zones of intense heat. This heat warms the air and creates air movement. As the air moves, it cycles around within the oven and eventually warms the entire interior area.

Infrared powder coating ovens work very similarly to a convection oven with a few minor exceptions. The most important difference is the focus on an infrared oven. The elements used in these systems have a more focused method of channeling the heat. The results in more of the heat going into the object and less lost to the air.

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