If you have ever coated parts with inside corners or complex geometries, then you have more than likely experienced the Faraday cage effect. The Faraday cage acts as an invisible electrical screen that prevents charged powder particles from reaching the internal corners and recesses of various parts. If the powder particles cannot penetrate these areas, then the part will not be completely coated, which can often result in premature corrosion.

Automatic spraying systems involve the use of high quantities of powder and must be controlled to ensure efficiency of its use. Therefore instrumentation is important when producing consistent quality. Wear is also another major factor that should be considered. Large quantities of powder can stress the powder gun parts. The wider the range of useful accessories, the more flexible will be the range of work that can be undertaken. A wide range of accessories are available from Powder Buy the Pound. These help to ensure that the initial investment has a greater return.

In relation to the total cost of a powder system with a possible reduction in labor and increased productivity, the purchasing decision should be made on performance and NOT price. The powder coating system should be thought of as being the major component in establishing a successful powder coating business.

In conclusion, when choosing a powder coat system it is important to note that you are going to want to produce the very best results with the least amount of errors. Your customers will be looking to you for perfection. As a powder coater you are an artist. All artist need the right tools in order to let their art shine through. With the right powder coating system you can focus on delivering top quality service and products.