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troubleshooting tips for powder applications

Issue Time:2010-12-09

troubleshooting tips for powder applications

powder guns

No high-voltage                    

1)loose cable contact                 tighten

2) broken cable                         replace cable

3) cascade failure                   replace cascade

poor charging (powder does not adhere to substrate)

powder clumping on electrode                 clean ,check rinsing function

bad contact                                                   tighten threaded sleeve

high-voltage too low                               clean contact ring and contact pin

grounding                                             check for proper grounding

 Powder is blown offer

spray velocity too high                         set correct air volume

distance gun too close to part             increase gun distand  

irreguar spraying 

flat jet nozzle worn                          check air volume , replace

electrode holder worn                   check air volume ,replace


spray velocity too low                   reset defector plate rinsing air

poor compressed air quality      check compressed air network

powder tends to clump             contact powder manufacture

      powder system elements

high powder loss , poor separation  performance  (hopper under cyclone leaking )

check seals , check fliter performance

exhaust air volmue too low (check recommended pressure, sealing of collecting container , check fliters)

excessive powder in cyclone colleacting container ( transfer pump or dense phase conveyor does not operate or performance is too low )

check pump insert or pinch valve , check for impact fusion in pump , check for impact fustion in transfer powder hose ,check pressure , check times cycles

collection fliter static pressure too high  ( cleaning does not operation effectively , fliters clogges )  check flter pressure , check cleaning pressure , check cleaning cycle

sieve clogged  (mesh too small , sleve machine too small , poor maintenance , powder sintering ) contact supplier , contact supplier , cleaning daily, contact powder manufacture



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